Susanne Howarth

    We decided to start lesson 2 with Interiors, and actually ran a total of 8 searches, of which 5 are included in this video. We started this lesson yesterday, and at that time, we did 6 searches, all on leash, continuing one of our challenges from lesson 1 (low, medium, and high hides). Afterwards, I realized that it might have been more interesting to let Bisky work off leash, and therefore, this morning, we repeated two of the search areas off leash, with the hides in slightly different locations.

    The first three clips are from yesterday; the last two from today. We start with a low hide, next to the closet door on the left. Biscuit has NO trouble with that, finding the hide in less than 10 seconds!

    From there, we moved to searching Fred’s closet, with a nose level hide on the trash can (full of umbrellas) to the right of the door. The hide was on the outside of the can, hidden by the wooden umbrella handle. Again: this one took only about 13 seconds.

    Search three was in our guest bedroom, and this time, the hide is on top of the rocking chair just inside the doorway. Less than 30 seconds this time!

    Search 4 was from this morning, and repeated our first search area from yesterday, only this time the hide was placed high on the frame of the closet door to the left. Biscuit struggled with this one, taking 1:40 to locate it. I, too, struggled with it, trying to figure out how to support her and give different access without telling her where it was. Clearly, I stood by the small fridge too long, because I seem to have persuaded her that the hide was on top of it!

    Our final search – Fred’s closet, again, but videotaped from outside the closet this time – went much better than #4, and was a good one on which to end, since she solved the problem readily. However, it was interesting to me to note that she first checked the side of the doorway where the hide was yesterday before moving over to the umbrella can on the opposite side.