Terry Wright and Kai

    Lesson 1 – 2 Vehicles (Pickup/Van) – Challenges

    4 hides, 2 birch and 2 anise – cooked about 40 minutes.
    45º – Clear – Light wind from the West – Vehicles in the Shade
    4 minutes – sorry for the length

    Challenges I was hoping to set-up:
    1.) High and Low hides
    2.) Converging odor
    3.) And if he’d stick to the vehicles and not want to go check out other things in his environment.

    There is an anise hide in the bottom back panel to the left of the wheel back drivers side.

    There is a birch hide in the grill of the van at the very top middle. This is the high hide.

    Across from that is the back of the pickup where the birch hide is on top of the hitch under the bumper. This is the low hide. So this is where to converging odors would happen, in between the vehicles.

    The other anise hide was on the passenger side of the pickup in the bottom of the gap between the cab and the bed of the truck.

    0I start from the back left of the van. Hoping to catch the odor from the slight wind that was blowing towards us.

    Taku starts at the back of van, which the wind could have been blowing odor under to the back. At about .15 sec. he alerted about 6-8″ above of where it was placed and what a nice alert. What the heck was I thinking by not rewarding him… I’m a semi perfectionist… I wanted him to have his nose right on it 🙁

    He did a good job at sticking to the driver’s side of the van.

    At about .50 sec. he rounds the front of the van and over to the pickup and finds the hide at .56 sec. Great alert 🙂

    So in a trial he would have gotten both in under a minute 🙂

    After I get him to continue, he checks out half of the driver’s side of the pickup and turns back towards the back and over to the front of the van and then to the passenger side of the pickup, alerting to that find at 1:34, so he would have gotten 3 hides in 1:34 if things had worked out perfectly.

    At 1:52, he is at the middle of the front of the Van and kind of looks up, but continues to the driver’s side

    Not sure what was on the ground that he scratched at.

    At 3:09 he alerts on that hide at the back panel next to the wheel.
    Still alerting high… but I finally take it. Need to learn to take those, right? But I always worry of the Judge asks where and I point to that area that is 6-8″ about the actual hide if they will take it.

    Addressing the challenges I set-up:
    1.) High and Low hides, they were found but not like I had envisioned. In my mind he would have found one of them and then turn around and find the other one, which would also incorporate the next challenge, converging odor.
    2.) Converging odor, did not happen as I had it planned in my head before the search. I did try to keep him in this area, behind the truck and in front of the van. For quite awhile he was only picking up the hitch hide.
    3.) And if he’d stick to the vehicles and not want to go check out other things in his environment. I believe for the most part Taku did stick to the vehicles, which did surprise me.

    Terry Wright