Altho’ I really was looking for one search with 3 challenges it seems Kalli worked thru these pretty easily!

In the first search your stated challenge was “Converging Odor.” With the spacing and the wind it ended up being merely a search with two hides. Some other challenges that I did see in this search:
* Evening/dusk and darker – odor moves differently at this time of day
* Elevation (2nd hide)
* Grass
* Off-leash
* Largish space

We know that Kalli is investigating off-screen for some time but note her behavior when she reappears. At (1:47) she makes a turn and follows the scent cone directly to the 2nd hide. Look how far away she was! Nice! 🙂

In the second search your stated challenge was “Elevation” and we see the hide in clear view of the camera which was nice. Some of the other challenges I see in this search:
* Small indoor space
* Relatively crowded
* AC unit in the window (I assume not “on” but it is a hole in the wall)

Kalli sorts this one out easily and it is very quickly clear that the hide is elevated.

In your third search your stated challenge was “Small Hide Area” and Kalli went straight to the hide. 🙂 Some other challenges that *can* happen with a bathroom are:
* Added moisture
* Other smells
* Odor drops into sink or toilet

Overall, I think your choices were good ones for the things you wanted to work on. The converging odor just needed to be a little bit closer together so the odors did blend together. As mentioned I was really looking for one hide w/3 challenges but that’s ok. 😀

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training