Gina Baker

    NW525: Lesson1

    Here are Kalli’s three searches – we did them all on the same night. I do apologize for the quality of the videos; my camera does not do well without a lot of light.

    Search 1 – My training plan for this search was converging odor. I placed two hides, both, which were Anise. The one hide about a 2ft of the ground on the clothesline pole with the second hide on the opposite clothesline pole just above Kalli’s nose height. The poles around 20 feet apart.
    65 degrees
    6:45 PM
    light wind
    hides cooked for just under 2 hours
    We started just a little off being in line with the first hide – she got it at 0:06. I still struggle to get her to move on and where I should start to move. I couple steps and she followed me but then I moved back towards the fence she continues on her own. Then she goes off camera a long time (I did keep that in due to the fact the other two videos were good time) –she was not crittering, she caught something and was working the steps, iron railing, on the side of the house to where the hose was rolled up – a good 20-25 ft away. I did call her back a couple times but she turned to come towards me when she was ready. At 1:50 – she know where it was! I don’t feel that I accomplished converging odor but was a very interesting search and would have been a prefect search to use the “smoke matches” that I have not purchased yet.

    Search 2 – My training plan for this search was an elevated hide. The first search she did well right above her nose so this search a place a hide higher to challenge her.
    1 hide place on the coat tree in the middle of the room – half way up
    smaller area
    hide cooked just over 2 hours with door closed
    I thought she did a nice job working it out. At 2:14 slight change of behavioral and I almost went in to treat but glad I held out for more.

    Search – 3 – My training plan for this search was a small area hide. The last several trails the Interior searches have been in really small rooms. She kinda freaks out just a little bit – I have to wait her out for several seconds then she will search. It is not so much small area as it is people added to the small area. The training plan, to work in small area to make her feel more comfortable so when people are added she can deal with quicker. The bedroom was a little tight so this search was in a smaller space – bathroom. And of course very comfortable because it is home
    1 hide on the heat vent – heat was not on.
    hide only cooked for about 20 mins.
    7:30 pm

    She had no problem getting to source – brother Wally even came to help – well, to get a treat!