Carolyn Murray

Some of these items depends on the dog. Some of them I work to be consistent with both dogs. I answered thinking of Cooper more than Scout.

Do you use the warm-up boxes or not? Only to reward my dog on the hot box. I don’t make them search.

What do you do as you wait for your turn in the queue? In the past I’ve allowed trial nerves to take over. In the future I’m going to make more of an effort to watch my dog and interact with them

Do you watch your dog as you are walking up to the search area? Not the way I’ve practiced doing that this summer.

Where do you change your equipment if it’s different for the search? I take the martingale leash off just prior to the start line.

What do you do with your leash if you choose to run your dog off-leash? Cooper will never work off leash in a trial situation.

Do you take your eyes off your dog as you listen to the steward’s instructions? I have in the past and never will again.

Can you hear and comprehend what the steward is saying? No.

Do you have a start line routine? Usually just take a moment at the start line and watch the dog.

Do you stop at the start line or walk through? Stop

Do you rev them up or wait until they’re calm? No revving. I wait until they are at least looking towards the search area.

Do you release your dog or do they choose when to go? I release.

Do you let your dog’s head go OVER the start line in order to give them a better assessment of an Interior space? Not on purpose.

Do you begin on leash and slowly pay it out so they first investigate the threshold? Yes, a work in progress.

Do you step in behind your dog or do you wait until that threshold is cleared? Try to clear threshold but it’s a work in progress. Sometimes I forget.

Do you begin a Vehicle search from the line or do you go right up to the first vehicle? Depends on the wind.

Do you have a plan for the search? Sometimes.

Do you think about the wind and air currents of the space? I like to think I do, but do I really in reality??

Is your dog READY when you release them to begin? Sometimes.