Terry Wright and Kai

    Not sure why, but I just found this section with Linda’s help so I’m kind of behind.
    And like Linda, we started at the same time (about 6 years ago) as she and Molly started, when everything was so new in Alaska.
    We know that over the years techniques have changed and improved in the sport. For several years now we have been going to practices once a week. But to me, we get every little direction on what or how we are doing or what we need to be working/practicing on. For example, we were doing vehicles and after the practice while we were all standing around visiting, I ask if I was doing better at keeping my distance from Taku and not crowding or pressuring him, then I got feedback. I’d like feedback as we are in the moment 🙂 so I can see what I’m doing, right or wrong..

    Back to basics for Taku and I would be…
    Obedience to Odor
    Recognizing change of behavior (I can see it at times)
    Building search stamina (to me Taku is a low drive searcher) and independent searching (not worry about me so much)
    Handling & body language (am I crowding, getting in his way)
    Start line Routines (to get him excited about what he is going to do, to start searching after crossing the start line.) Sometimes it seems that he doesn’t realize we are doing Nose Work 🙁

    Terry Wright