Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, so I’ve watched this last video a couple of times and even tho’ we can’t see very clearly on the white vehicle, it seems that Biscuit is quite definitive when she gets to odor where it really IS. As you point out she tells you multiple times with her first find. With the second find she is also quite definitive with a firm sit but even before then you can see her tail wag which seems to be somewhat of an indication for her.

Because Biscuit had passed the white car in the beginning and then circled it and left in favor of the Kubota truck find I would consider the white car “cleared.” I think that’s something that is important to think about, rather than finding hides, finding places that are CLEAR.

If you review Linda & Molly’s vehicle search you’ll see some behavior from Molly that says there are no more hides but because she’s asked to stay in the search area she tries harder. I don’t know if that’s what happened to biscuit but with sensitive dogs it’s easy to either convince them or yourself that there is a hide somewhere when it’s actually pooling odor. 🙂

I do want to note that I LOVE that Biscuit seems to actually DRAG you in a direction at (:46). 😀

As for the parts of the vehicle that are considered fair game, I think keeping in mind that the dog shouldn’t have to get INTO the vehicle but it’s possible a hide could be elevated. It is highly dependent upon what type of vehicle and what trial level. At NW3 it could be up to 6′ tho’ it’s doubtful a hide would be placed that high in an NW3 trial. We have seen that at Nationals. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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