Terry Wright and Kai

Linda, thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes I see improvement and other times I have to wonder what the heck we are doing.
And try not to be embarrassed with what you and Molly are doing in your NW games… ha easy for me to say… but I’ve been there myself a time or two 🙂 We have to remember that it is a game we can play with our dogs win or lose. And we all learn something new by playing the game 🙂

Looking forward to the Back to Basics class. Linda we started around 6 years ago when NW was so new up here and I’m sure that new things have come up since then. Just look at the how much new training Deb has received. I think if we took one of Deb’s newer classes we’d learn newer techniques, I know she is incorporating some into our practices. I feel this class will be beneficial to Taku and I.

See you all in class…

Terry Wright