Kimberly Buchanan

Great video to learn from!

I wouldn’t say call “FINISH” every time you hear 30 seconds since you might be that 1/1000 where they forget to call the warning. However, don’t time out! By calling Finish you risk missing a hide. By not calling finish you guarantee no title at the NW3 level. Titles are not everything but it’s a lot of work and effort by you and the dog plus expense to just give it away.

Molly was indeed just walking with you! She solved that only odor problem very quickly! After you kept her in the area then she started investigating UP and all over the vehicle on the far left because odor appeared to be blowing onto it. Then with more prompting she tried REALLY hard to find something! I really don’t see her crittering in the same way she did on the Exterior search. And she’s happy, tail wagging. What a good girl! 🙂

I think if you look at how fast Molly found odor (You call alert at :15) and know that she spent another (2:45) not finding anything it is really clear from an outside perspective that there is no more odor.

Even tho’ you feel this is an embarrassing video you are not alone in this. LOTS of us have done this. It’s trial nerves. We stop thinking clearly. So keep a mental clock as Molly searches and decide is she showing you behaviors that say there is odor but she can’t quite source it or is she saying “we’re done!” – ?

Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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