Kimberly Buchanan

    One thing that will set up your search success is the start line. Not literally but figuratively. Literally your time begins when the dog’s nose crosses the line. Reality is your dog’s search begins (or should) well before. If you look at the video and watch Scout’s body language she’s not in search mode at all when you ask her to search. What I’d like to see is not a “stop and wait” but a thoughtful look as if she’s assessing the environment and using her nose to detect odor. She’s looking at the camera as you’re getting your treats ready. When you’re ready you release her to search but she really wasn’t engaged in the search yet but looking back at you. Which IMO is why she missed the first hide. If you note, she did have a bit of a head-dip as she passed it.

    Many dogs – might be a herding dog thing – go to the end of the search and work back to the start, either catching hides or ruling out areas in the process back to the threshold area. I really like that Scout chose to go deep under the table (:23) to work on that problem.

    I think you need longer than 5′ but definitely shorter than the 15′. It’s just seems too cumbersome to work with and tends to drag to the ground rather than getting reeled up, especially when you go in to reward.

    Aside from being hot, Scout seems to be working well and mostly focused on odor. Where she got distracted it was momentary and then she was back to business. Overall a nice search! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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