Susanne Howarth

Thanks! Yes, I was happy for our very first NW3 search!

Interesting that you mention the position of my shoulders! From our agility training, I know just how much shoulder position and even the direction of our gaze can affect where a dog moves. I also understand that by moving towards or away from things, I can gently direct my nose work dog. However, I don’t know that I had ever thought about the impact of shoulder position in a nose work context. Good to keep in mind.

As for checking on top of the wall on our way out, that was entirely Biscuit’s idea – not mine. And no, the search area pretty much ended right at the top edge of the wall – if you look closely, you’ll see a line of pink flags along the top edge, into the dirt far enough to stick them into the ground, but cutting everything beyond them off. When we passed the bucket hide on top of the wall, with her just kind of cruising along, I called Finish, because I figured she’d adequately checked that wall out on the ground, and we were past our 30 second warning. Also, she wasn’t working up there – just cruising.

As for cutting corners, I’m now seeing that at ~:22 she also cuts the inside corner between the shelving and the wall on the right. She investigates that cinder block (where odor from the bucket across the way might have been drifting), so IF there had been a hide back in that corner, perhaps she would have found it. However, inside and outside corners might be a good type of practice for us. Then, you’re right that she pretty much ignored everything along the right wall, if it was inside of that board, although she did come back and I felt she’d checked it out adequately after finding the second hide.

With Biscuit, ensuring that she has adequately checked everything is definitely going to be one of our challenges, since her natural pace tends to be fairly slow and deliberate. But all in all, I felt good about this search, and your feedback just gives me more food for thought in future searches!