Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, just making sure. She did investigate the suitcase in the foreground quite a bit but didn’t show anything was odor so I just wanted to make sure that wasn’t it.

Ok, so this is really a great video to highlight some things!

Your entry from the outside into the MIDDLE of the containers is a bit challenging. Which way to go, lots of air movement, etc. In the beginning you follow Molly who is slightly distracted and not really working but you both settle into somewhat of a pattern. BUT, here is something for you to note; It looks like YOU do a nice job of trying to get outside of the containers so you’re not always on the inside but just because YOU walk outside does not mean that Molly investigated the outside. Altho’ in most cases Molly doesn’t miss anything it’s good to pay attention to these things. I’ll give you some examples:

(:16) You and Molly both walk straight thru to the back (left) to the outside of the search area. But when you turn back towards the bags, Molly gets a little distracted as she passes by the outside of that large suitcase on the corner.

(:30+) Molly investigates the odor bag but does NOT check it from the corner side and you’re on the inside (body pressure pull). It’s possible had you walked on the outside or Molly investigated the outside corner on her own she may have gotten that hide.

(:40-44) Molly only checks the inside parts of those bags, including (again) the corner bag.

Note: (:50) it seems Molly notices the corner bag in front of her with a slight head snap!

(1:13-1:20) you stay on the inside of the containers and Molly only checks the inside parts of those containers.

(1:34) you *do* go outside the bag but you’re not fully watching what Molly is doing. At (1:36) she’s completely behind you. Never take your eyes off your dog. 😉

(1:40) you *do* go outside the bags and you *do* go outside the second odor bag but Molly never investigates it. At (1:43) you are actually between the bag and Molly.


In most cases it doesn’t matter since there was no odor missed in any of the bags but one. But I do think that Molly might have detected that odor in the second bag if she’d approached it from the outside corner.

So the three take-aways from this search are (1) Entering from the outside into the middle of a search can be tough; (2) Make sure your dog has the ability to approach the containers from the outside of the search area, especially the corners; and (3) Never take your eyes off your dog and know if they’re actually investigating when they’re in an area.


Kimberly Buchanan
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