Kimberly Buchanan

    First off, congratulations on a successful search! 🙂 It’s hard to run two dogs who have different styles and strengths!

    I do have some input;

    You do VERY well keeping a light leash, not crowding and letting Biscuit search as she will. However, there are a couple of parts where I think some body pressure might have come in handy.

    No, you didn’t miss anything in this search but *IF* a hide had been placed in either of the corners near the front (near the camera from viewing angle) and the wind was blowing towards the camera, I wonder if Biscuit would have detected it? She cut the corners. First time by on the right at the (:30+) mark she stays to the left of the board and widely cuts the corner on the right. She curves to the left, gets slightly distracted and slightly cuts that corner out. She nicely gets the second hide, then goes back to the right, following tighter to the right but stays on the board. When she gets to the end she investigates something down there but it’s hard to say since it’s out of camera range. She may/may not have gotten a hide if it were to the far right. With the channels on the wall odor can do some strange things. The good thing is that your shoulders were pointing towards the wall. I think you could have taken a step towards Biscuit, just to be sure she checked it all out. (But then again, maybe she actually did and we just can’t see.)

    This is then where she does the “odor shake” and we typically think of this as either shaking off stress or simply giving themselves a “restart.” We see this when dogs are frustrated and often when there are no more hides but it’s hard to rely on this as a definitive and sometimes a shake is just a shake! 😉

    Biscuit makes her way back to the first hide and then you smartly have her check on top of the wall. (It looks like your search area extends out into the yard area on the left?) And then you call Finish.

    Overall a nice search and it’s a bit nit-picky to say you should’ve done something that wasn’t an issue. 🙂 If you weren’t thinking about the corners already or if you were, consider if the wind was blowing the odor AWAY and outside of the search area where the dog needs to go slightly outside the boundaries to catch odor and how your placement can either encourage or discourage this. Of course, if the wind was in your face it would be a moot point! 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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