Kimberly Buchanan

First off, how is Angie?? Hoping all went well with the doggie dentist!

So, interesting to watch this search. I’m convinced containers will be the death of most NW competitors! There is so much variation of how they look, the scents they come with, how odor moves and collects around them, etc. I think it’s something that needs to be worked on a lot.

Too bad we don’t get to see the start with Angie showing interest in the backpack. The one thing I noticed between the two hides is when she checked the middle bag you stood still from about (:19-:26). Angie’s tail was up and wagging. You called the alert as you started walking towards her so you were pretty convinced. Also note that she gave you a weak alert on and adjacent bag, as well (:15).

When we do get to see Angie checking the other bag (:41), you don’t slow your momentum. Possibly because she’d already checked and left it? Did she get a chance to investigate all the seams previously? Wonder why she chose to leave it? Maybe there just wasn’t enough available odor? This really leads to the conclusion that a dog must have experience with lots and lots of containers. Some that are less likely to give off much odor and yet the dog still needs to decide odor is coming from there, not just drifting from elsewhere. Tough problem! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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