Linda Bath

    This first video is containers at the NW3 trial in Ninilchik, AK.
    The hides were in the two bags at opposite corners to each other. Molly alerts on one, but doesn’t on the other one.
    In watching the video I can see she did show interest in the beginning, but when we walked back to it, I did not let her investigate, pulled her off scent (twice), then spent too much time investigating the large back. Called finish at the 30 second warning. Molly did give me a look like, “What the?” When I pulled her off the second time.
    Molly’s interest in the bag was very subtle. Her tail was wagging, but she decided to not alert, which is her M.O. Sometimes. She will investigate all the other items and them come back to it. Deb, the judge, said most of the dogs did not alert on that bag. Dogs that normally are strong had trouble with it, but then a few dogs didn’t have trouble with it.
    Not an excuse, but sharing pertinent information.
    Kim, what pointers do you have for me? I can see Molly needs to continue to gain confidence in what she knows and not trust me.