Kathryn Dobyns

    Thanks Kim for another great class.

    Hunter got to be Dog-in-White for the Oxford, MD trial yesterday and that was a fantastic experience! We would not have titled if those searches had counted – missed a threshold in Interiors and falsed on pooling odor in Containers. I learned something from that Container search that I need to work on – it was the same scenario that got a false in our NW3 trial last December – he hits on the box that is next to the luggage that has the hide, and when I move toward him that convinces him he is right. I need to practice moving in the same direction but not directly toward him. I think if I had moved in the direction he was going but maintained a parallel path, then he might have left the box to source the actual hide on the luggage next to it. Still a work in progress! His exterior and vehicle searches were really nice and he was spot on in the other two interiors.

    I will be looking for Back to Basics next. Now off to help with today’s NW1.