Carolyn Murray

The dogs needed to work last night, so I went over the fairgrounds around 7 pm. Since the dogs needed to burn some brain power, I wanted to set two relatively easy hides and two challenging hides. It was very windy, very dry, and temps were falling (mid-60s).

Search #1 – In the hog arena. About 35 seconds. The side door had been open and I knew odor was going to pushed back into the corner well away from the start. Again, Scout appears to be tracking Cooper initially and checking out the other barn door (as she usually does) but settled in to work. I like how she worked the bleachers all the way down to the hide.

Search #2 – Corner at the Sales Pavillion. About 10 seconds. Not much to say about this other than that I learned this summer that she seems to naturally investigate corners, which is nice. 🙂

Search #3 – The big brain burner. Ground hide between Livestock buildings 1 & 2. She came in searching. You’ll see me looking around and being a space cadet until she pulls me towards the little brand building (hut). At that point it dawned on me that she was working – just in time for her to head down along the side of the barn. Unfortunately, she wasn’t 100% in camera range. I liked the way she worked this – remaining in the giant search area at all times with little to no prompting from me. We started upwind and I knew she’d pick odor as soon as we got downwind. Last year we ran a similar scenario. It took forever and she was frustrated. I see a lot of progress in this search. 🙂

Search #4 – Took about 5 seconds once I reeled her in – lol! Running laps in the barn makes Scout giddy. So, going forward I will keep her on leash and we will run less laps! 😉

Again, overall the difference I’m seeing in reviewing last summer’s videos to this summer is amazing. Such an improvement in both of us. Over the 6 weeks of this class I have seen considerable improvement. Thank you, thank you! I look forward to the next one!