Carolyn Murray

Okay – six container hides. There were more but I decided to go with some of the longer ones. I wanted to get out to various locations but I have some times constraints these days and the barn has been convenient. These videos were filmed on the 24th, 26th, and 28th.
Weather has been hot (85-90), dry, windy, and smokey.

Video 1 – About 20 seconds. Aside from a bit of counter surfing, I can’t complain. She appears to be on task and searching. I think I do a pretty good job of staying out of the way….particularly out of the search area.

Video 2 – About 20 seconds. I didn’t make her completely stop before we started because I saw her head toward the hot box and her head dip. I thought she was going to hit, and she appeared to, but kept on moving. This is very reminiscent of previous issues, however, she does come back and hit the box. I am using more leash pressure on her in the barn, as it remains tempting for her to stray off task and investigate other smells (critters and other dogs). I think I could have hung back a bit more and avoided walking into the middle of the search area.

Video 3 – About 20 seconds. I think I did a better job of hanging back and letting her head into the search area. I still don’t like the way I found myself in the middle of the area with planted feet. I was very slow on the reward…so I guess Scout isn’t the only one with old habits surfacing. Again, she heads out of the search area and I pull her back in.

Video 4 – About 6 seconds. I was a little more on my game here. I like the way I hung back and totally stayed out of the search area.

Video 5 – About 10 seconds. Here’s an example of a good dog despite the handler. I drop the line on the way in and she stepped over it with her back leg. At that point my goal was to not interfere. I think I did a good job of hanging back again while she worked.

Video 6 – About 15 seconds. I think I do a good job of hanging back again but soon found myself in the middle of the search area again. Scout appears to be tracking throughout this search. Although, what I do like about this search is that she remains in the search area instead of trying to bolt.

Overall we have improved a lot with containers since January (and I’ve got video to prove it! Lol!). Scout is mostly staying on task and checks boxes instead of running around. I need to review more videos, but I am starting to feel very strongly that OUR best searches are those where I hang back, let her pick the way to go, and then follow but stay out of the search area.