Sarah Woodruff

Great question. I saw some recent elite trial videos where after an alert people called out “that’s 1”, “that’s 2”. I also have heard people say that they name the hide area either out loud or in their head. I’d be worried if I said under desk leg and the hide was really under desk drawer….can a judge take back a yes??? probably not but I tend to be cautious. I have also heard for level 3, people put 3 treats in their mouth. and somehow that helps them remember how many they found/how many could be left to find.

To me that is all too hard. If I am 100% on my game I go with what Kim mentioned, I pattern via the perimeter or break the search area into quadrants. I am usually pretty nervous during the first search of the day, and just follow my dog, but once I get one search under my belt I am much more thoughtful and collected and tend to follow perimeters whenever possible.

For time, I think it really helps to have someone call out each minute so you get the feel of how long that really is. Remember when a 3 minute ORT felt like FOREVER??? 3 minutes can feel long or can feel short depending on the type of search and complexity. I will also try and guess my time in practice to see how close I am.