Sarah Woodruff

    Exterior, not blind.

    Search 1 – 1 hide in the wooden frame of the play area
    Search 2 – Hide 1 the same, hide two on the red pole
    Search 3 – Hides 1 moved to far side in the center of the wood frame, Hide 1 the same, Hide 3 on the back side of the bleachers
    Search 4 – Hide 1 in same places as search 4, Hide 3 in same place, Hide 2 on fence
    Search 5 – Hide 1 in middle of front side of wood frame, Hide 2 on fence, Hide 3 on ground on the right side of bleachers in the middle.

    At 1:01, start of third search I wasn’t expecting her to be so driven she pulled the leash out of my hands. I also find it interesting she did not go back where hide 1 was. (so using her nose and not memory? yet she still hits the original spot of hide 1 quite often)