Kimberly Buchanan

As long as *you* can keep track of where you’re going and where you’ve been, you’re good! 🙂

First search – I noticed Hunter skips the upper right box in the first pass. Of course there is no hide there but as long as you know to get back there to be sure in a blind search you’re. good. When you work up the middle you can see how different the bottles are than the boxes but Hunter does figure it out. Many times it’s a matter of exposure to different containers and then the dogs have no trouble.

Second search – (1:06) Hunter pulls to the left but you hold the line with slight tension so he comes back to investigate the box in front of you. You release the tension and he then heads to the corner box, overshoots and has a significant COB on the corner box, even LOOKING at you (1:11) as he walks it. Would you have spent more time there had you not known where the hides were? Hunter gets the lower right corner box, checks up the row very nicely, checks the upper right bottle, leaves it the starts to go back (1:23) with your body pressure pushing him off of it. He goes to the box BELOW the corner and works the row back to the lower right corner, then back up the row. He SKIPS the corner bottle and heads to the box to the left. Fortunately your body pressure didn’t push him off the corner this time and he gets the bottle. Just something to be aware of. Good job staying to the outside, trying to stay out of his way. He gets the upper left container, works down the left row to the lower left corner and again gives you TWO looks on that box (1:53, 1:54), checks it again then goes with you back up the left row. Repayment upper left, across top row, Hunter alerts on the box next to the corner (2:10) then goes back to the corner bottle in upper right, box in lower right, back to the box lower left and leaves it.

Were you trying to apply additional pressure by re-visiting each container and keeping him in the search longer?

Third Search – As you approach the “start,” notice that Hunter is trying to go right, towards the lower right hide, but you’re keeping him on the left on a short leash. So you need to decide if you’re going to let him lead and just make sure he covers the search area or if you’re going to impose a strict pattern. If you’re going to give him freedom, it’s to your advantage to give him a moment at the start line and let him choose where to begin. I’m convinced he’d have headed to the odor bag immediately. He ends up cutting in front of you (2:33) and going to the wrong bag and looking at you (2:36) before you move him on. He then proceeds to show a lot of interest in a few of the bags in the right row. He gets to the left row and gets paid at the upper left. Hunter works down the row and again cuts across to the row on the right (2:55) and finally works the lower right hide.

Fourth Search – Hunter is IN FRONT of you at the beginning and chooses to go right, hits the lower right hide immediately. He works up the row to the top and then has a significant COB on the upper bag, even giving you an indication but you don’t pay and he moves on with you. He then gets the egg carton next to it and is paid. Hunter finishes the left row, LOOKS at you at the tall bag (3:28) but moves off and back to the hide and finishes the search.

I see a few things in these searches but curious what your take is before I say anything?

Kimberly Buchanan
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