Kimberly Buchanan

Well, there are a couple of ways to look at it. By patterning, you are ensuring that your dog investigates everything in the path and says yes/no. Then there are teams that are successful by just letting the dog do what the dog’s going to do. And really it’s only in the levels of “unknown” where some semblance of pattern or plan come into play. If it doesn’t go well, however, the Handler often tends to second-guess their dog and then we see a spiraling downward turn when things don’t go as planned. Handler stops trusting the dog, dog starts guessing what their handler wants, etc., so the team re-groups and begins again. I went thru this with my dog Zen. BUT, as long as YOU KNOW where you’ve covered then it really doesn’t matter since your dog will do the work. 🙂

So with that theme in mind, I propose setting up a few single-hide searches. Let’s see how fast Scout can locate that hide with different hide placements, letting her choose where to go. Also, be careful not to place a blank box onto the place where odor has been since there is a lingering odor issue that can also cause problems. Let’s see what happens!

Kimberly Buchanan
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