Kathryn Dobyns

Here is our large Interior search at the training building this evening. Hunter has a little multi-tasking to do – he is not used to searching such a large space off leash, so there is a bit of running about because he could. There are 6 hides, all paired – in the corner on the white divider panel, under the chair, on the floor along the wall behind the tunnel, in the corner amongst the mess of jump standards and weave poles, along the middle of the far wall next to the obedience jump and under the A-frame. He finds the first 3 in order, then skips the corner to catch the far wall, comes back to the corner, then goes on another runabout for a bit. I did a little whistling to encourage him to come back toward the A-frame, and once he realized there was odor there, he did figure it out – I think my whistling to him did help get him to approach and remain in the area. I did not do a great job of supporting him on the first couple of hides, but I think we got a little better for the rest. I will wait for your comments in this one, and then I have the container searches to post next.