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Carolyn Murray

I have been working lots of crack hides into our practices.

Had an interesting experience a week or two ago – set two hides out front of my house. One was in a crack in the driveway and one was right under the flatboard siding. They aged for a couple hours on a sunny, windy day. Well, I brought the dogs out and they were way more concerned with guarding the house then searching. They eventually found the hides but it wasn’t pretty. Good reminder about dogs needing to feel safe before they can search. 😉

Sunday I set a hide in a crack in a large patio type area on campus. The hide aged for over an hour and was near a table leg. I wanted to see if the dogs would work it off the table. It was very hot and the location was exposed to direct sun until about 15 minutes prior to Scout’s search.

Scout made it obvious that the odor had moved quite a bit and checked several cracks before zoning in on the table, worked the table leg, and over to the crack.

Cooper caught odor in the area right away and worked it by circling out away from the table and back to the table several times before zoning in on the crack.

It was interesting to see how differently these two dogs worked to solve this problem.