Kimberly Buchanan

First search – the “look” Biscuit gave you at about (:45) would have sealed the deal! 🙂

Second search – She started to show signs of something elevated pretty quickly, by checking up on various objects. She then solved the problem after about 45 seconds. I don’t know that I’d have made the first hide elevated but it wasn’t too high for her. Significantly slowed down afterwards, when asked to find another. Shakes off at (2:31) which is about 45 seconds after finding the one and only hide.

Third search – Finds the first hide at about 11 seconds into the search. The second hide about 21 seconds later. She didn’t want to put her head in the scary place so good choice to go in and reward her. You can see your body pressure at (3:36) keeps Biscuit checking the garage door and she has a significant COB at (3:40) when she realizes there is something there. She does leave it but had looked to you for support. I think because you just stood still and observed. POSSIBLY, had you taken a small step towards her when she looked at you she may have stayed with the problem. She does make her way back, after checking the first two hides. Again, she looks at you for support at (4:09) but it wasn’t until (4:15) when you moved in slightly and she continued working the problem, then tells you where the hide is at (4:17). For some reason she didn’t want to go UP but she clearly said “It’s here.” I’m glad you chose to go in and pay her and also very glad you didn’t press her to find more hides.

Fourth search – She found all 3 hides in 45 seconds! Afterwards, when asked to “find more,” she glanced back around and told you at (5:33) there was no more by going back to the high hide and was VERY insistent about it! At (7:06) she has already verified all the hides, stops and looks at you “What more do you want??” She sneezes. She shakes off. She SLOWLY goes back to the previous hides, no more investigating. All these things say clearly there is no more odor and she’s confused as to why she has to stay in the search! So consider that she found all 3 hides in 45 seconds and then remained in the search area a full 2-1/2 minutes after locating the last hide.

I would suggest no more than 45 seconds after the last hide, ideally 30 max if you see the signals. Your 3 minute 25 second search should be 1-1/2 minutes tops.

So I’m curious, what else were you hoping to see or did you just lose track of time? In reviewing the video, do you see all the signals I describe? Did you see them while in the moment?

Kimberly Buchanan
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