Kathryn Dobyns

We snuck in a quickie container search this evening before the storms rolled in. I set the two hot boxes out about 30 minutes before running and placed the cold containers about 10 minutes before running the search. I usually do it the other way round, but I had odor in the garage and cold boxes had to be brought up from the basement, so it just worked out that way. Really interesting that he skips 3 out of 4 corner boxes on the first circuit! I intentionally set the hot boxes even a little farther into the corners, sO a little offset from the far right line, but he skipped the cold corner box on the top left of the search the first time, too. I may have to try this again tomorrow to see if he has learned anything about cutting corners…

I should be able to get up to the training building over the weekend and can do some interior and container searches in a bigger space. There may be some agility equipment out, but we will work around that ?.