Susanne Howarth

I just saw your Silver post about halfway through… Here’s a quick update on my sense of things…

I’m delighted with just how energetic Biscuit is whenever she sees me pull out the NW kit, not to mention her enthusiasm when entering her first search area. We’ve proven that she has very good stamina for searching, based on all the searches we did while I was in Michigan, with 6+ hides per search. I’ve wondered over the past day or two whether she needs more of a break between each individual search — in particular, for the searches I posted just a minute ago, her speed decreases with each successive search, and I wonder to what extent that might be related to being tired, as opposed to anything else.

Continuing to work on the communication of “I’ve found them all” seems to be important for me. And then there’s the issue of knowing how much time has elapsed — I should probably start trying to guesstimate the time as I do each search. Finally, one thing I learned at the EST a couple weeks ago was that in a trial situation I focus so closely on watching my dog that I don’t necessarily remember where each hide is located. AFTER a search it’s kind of funny not to have any possibility of telling a fellow competitor what we found, but DURING a search, I need to remember what we have found and where. I saw someone comment the other day about saying aloud what they’ve found and where — e.g., “1 — middle of garage door, “2 — grey tub on floor…” I think I need to work on training myself to do this, even when I know where the hides are, so that I’ll practice that in real life and trials as well.

Anything else you notice and think we should work on?