Kimberly Buchanan

    I really liked this first search w/4 odors. I think the converging odor was a challenge but I like that you supported Hunter w/o leading him. He chose which way to go but because you were near he stuck with the problem. I see that your shoulders at (:28) would encourage Hunter to check the greenery but when he chooses the building you open up and allow him that freedom. Then at (:58) you again turn your shoulders towards the bushes and Hunter chooses the door. Good independence but as a handler, don’t discount that there isn’t anything in the bushes (were it blind). Then you use your hand/arm motion (1:05) and Hunter then agrees to search the shrubbery. It doesn’t take much but he turns his focus and finds the last hide. Nicely done.

    The bleachers search is tricky. No, you really don’t want your dog to walk on the bleachers due to safety reasons but you can see how challenging his search is and by letting Hunter check all around and even on top he figured it out pretty darn well. The only other thing you could do to experiment is to not let him get on top of the bleachers and work them like a vehicle with a short leash.

    The two hide search under the tree was good to work. I think trees create some wind challenges because of the way the wind moves (or doesn’t move) under and around them.

    Good job!

    So from the exercises we’ve been working on, I still think Hunter could use some more management in a large interior search with multiple hides and some deep/out of reach. It would be good practice to work some more of those. Minimize the boinging around from one side to the next. Work an area where you see interest and then be done with it. So one, maybe two passes in a space.

    Do you have access to a location or can you reuse a location with different hide placement?

    Kimberly Buchanan
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