Kimberly Buchanan

This search is so interesting when you look at how the odor is moving! On the one hand, odor appears to be drifting over to the “spinny thing.” But it’s clear, especially in the last search that odor is also drifting the opposite direction.

Do you think she’s multitasking at (:14)? She appears to be checking “something” but then quickly changes direction and goes back towards the teeter. So in that area the odor seems to be blowing towards the left.

In the last search she does a BEAUTIFUL head-snap at (2:01) when she catches the odor on the bench. It appears she’s gone beyond the bench when she notices it?

I have to think that odor does some very strange things around trees. I’ve seen it before but it’s hard to define what is happening. Is the wind getting blocked by the trunk and also filtered thru the leaves, creating an odd movement of odor? Is odor rising and moving thru the leaves then dropping further away? Maybe a little bit of both on a warm day? So interesting! 🙂

Angie is working nicely. She seems to be on-task from the beginning of the search. On-leash you have a little control over where she goes and with the hides in a row this works well! Had you not known that the “spinny thing” did NOT have odor, would you have kept her there to work it more?

Do you have an opportunity to work a blind search? Up until now you’ve placed your own hides so it’s easy for you to support Angie and not linger in an area where you know there is no odor. If you can do it, it would be nice to see if this “prep work” will translate to a blind search. Follow the same pattern, 1 hide/2 hides/3 hides, leaving your previous hide where it was found. Your choice to have the hides be paired or unpaired.

If you cannot get a blind search in, I would say to do a similar search as this one but place the hides to make a “Triangle” after all 3 hides are placed. Your choice, which order you place them but again, leave the hides already found and see if Angie goes to the locations out of memory or using her nose. If you think she’s just going off her memory, let’s mess with her a little bit and either SHIFT the “found” hides slightly or remove them altogether.

I’ll let you choose what you want to set up but you have a series of 4 optional searches so do what works best. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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