Sarah Woodruff

Ok experiment:

All unpaired hides.

Search 1: birch hide on the teeter. As the only hide in the search i wanted to see how she worked this as the only hide. You can see she catches it away from the teeters, closer to the gravel path.
Search 2: since she went to the spinny thing first, hide #2 is anise on the spinny thing to see if she will hit it first or bypass and go to teeter. again she catches anise hide away from the object and closer to the gravel path. what’s interesting is how she bypasses teeter but works back to it.
Search 3: clove on the bench. By the time we do this search she can read my mind and knows what I planted for her to find 😉

What you don’t see are searches 4 & 5 🙂 I picked up all the hides except spinny thing. I then spun the spinny thing, let it go for a while and then while it was slowing down had Angie search it while it was still moving. What is interesting is that she would follow but alert about a foot behind the hide as it was moving. Then i stopped it and put the hide ontop in the middle, paired. let her find it and then lightly spun it to see if she had any fear of it moving. Nope she kept nosing the hide for more treats as she slowly spun in a circle. The things we humans do!