Kathryn Dobyns

More niches and corners at the clinic this evening. Three hides cooked about 30 minutes for the first part, then I moved the two easier hides and ran the second part about 10 minutes later. On the first part, the hides are behind the blonde bookcase against the wall, about nose height on the back of the plant bucket and elevated on the half wall.

He finds the bookcase hide quickly and shows his first interest in the elevated half-wall at about 11 seconds. That one turns out to be a challenge for him, though. He finds the bucket next then starts ranging out of the search area. He spent a lot of time going up in the window on the other side of the half wall. I cut out about 2 minutes when he is out of camera view. When I cut back in, he refunds the two hides and then works that half-wall but doesn’t quite source the hide. I did not really support him at all and he left the problem for a moment – back to the other window and then comes back in and finally puts his nose on the hide and the hot dog!

On the second part he quickly works out the plant rack on the right side and the far corner under the treadmill and this time he sources the half-wall much more efficiently. I think he learned a good bit from that first effort!

I am off a few days next week, so I should have time to go find some exteriors to work next. Should I continue with pairing or try some unpaired searches again?