Kathryn Dobyns

    Here’s the next try! This time there are 4 hides on the other side of the garage – 1.) clove low on the wall under the brown table, 2.) birch on the crosspiece of the white table in the corner 3.) anise on the shorter cabinet in the middle at nose level 4.) birch on the metal trash can at floor level. It was a little cooler this morning, about 70 degrees in the garage and the hides cooked for about 30 minutes.

    He comes in and finds hide 2 right away, then really works hard to source and locate hide 3. I do think my presence nearby helped him work that one to completion the first time. He then peels off and circles back around, goes in for hide 1, refunds hide 2, passes hide 3 and sources hide 4. Hide 3 was the tough one for him – lots of objects in the way, but he figured out how to get his nose on it pretty quickly.