Kimberly Buchanan

    Yeah, Biscuit! She’s doing really well with the multiples!

    Regarding pairing/non-pairing hides, reality is that there will be non-paired hides in the search area after they locate them, so the dog still needs to sort thru to find all of them. It’s a matter of motivation. I think for the harder hides I’d pay more generously. Just like any job, if it’s harder it deserves more payment. 🙂 I will say tho’, that even the hides that are within reach can be tricky when you have other hides merging into each other.

    I don’t recall previously seeing Biscuit staying quite as strongly or wagging her tail in expectation of getting a reward!? I think the practices are doing her good!

    Interesting about the threshold hide. It could be that the odors out in the open are a stronger draw for her?

    You did a nice job of staying back and limiting how much “leading” you did to essentially keeping her from going down to the water line. Did you get in any water searches when you were there?? 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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