Carolyn Murray

So, of course as soon as I got a new assignment, I set it up! Lol!

* 84 degrees with no wind (seriously strange and bizarrely still)
* 25% humidity and getting cloudy
* 7 hides
* A lot of “stuff” pulled out from the shed that had been in the barn
* Hides aged about 10 minutes give or take

I decided to run Scout off leash because we have been dabbling in that anyway. I was pretty confident that she’d remain in the search area and she did.

Not sure if she was tracking on the way in or not. There is a hide in the little gargoyle that she trots by, so I’m inclined to think she’s picking up odor. She definitely hits odor over by the fence line and finds the hide right away (#1). She comes off that hide and what she does next is very interesting to me…she walks out and then heads back into the corner. She must have picked up odor, although IF there was airflow (which there was not) we would have been upwind. The only thing I can think of is that we stirred up odor which took her back to the corner where she finds the second hide on the hose (#2).

After that she heads back to the other fence line and sources #3 & #4 odors quickly. My observation on hides 3 & 4 is that I don’t take a step or two away. At that point (#4) she seems to be like, hey, if you are sticking around, you can feed me. So after a couple more treats, I take a step or two which encourages her to move on.

She swings out a bit then hits the hide on the gargoyle (#5). I stood with the gargoyle as she moves on, then I see her turn and look at me, at which point I realize that I need to move away from the gargoyle, otherwise she’s going to come back and hit that hide. She moves on, hits #1 again, hits #5 again. I then take a step towards the AC unit, which encourages her to move in and find #6.

And what of #7?? Well, it was on the wheelbarrow and I totally forgot about it! Lol!

Overall, I was happy with my handling in this search. There was only once where I kind of didn’t know where to be…right after the gargoyle and I think she might have hit previous hides as a way to get her bearings. Otherwise, I feel like I’m starting to find the balance of moving just enough to encourage her without leading her. This is what I mean when I say she’s “kind of” velcro. I think she needs me to be along for the ride, but she can lead. At least I hope that’s the direction we’re going.

I’m going to run this again but in the grass and see how it goes…