Kimberly Buchanan

That was awesome! Exactly what I’d hoped to see! 😀

Two hides were very easy, despite the distraction on the floor. Adding a hide, also not hard, tho’ we see Angie boinging around a little bit. By the 3rd search with 4 hides she’s got it and is very efficient in how she works! Your movement with her looked good, too. I like how you drew her to the left and then backed away to give her room (2:00) after she got hide #3. Yeah! 🙂

So what does this tell us? Number one, she is capable of evaluating a search area and finding 4 hides in less than a minute – when she is focused on working. 😉

I like this type of exercise, building on each other. I look at it like a canvas with an odor picture you are adding more color to with each pass. The first run thru has a little bit of color, say green. The second pass you add in some yellow. The third time you’re adding red. The dog sees this picture and understands how the odors (colors) are merging and working together.

I think Angie needs some more of this type of search. Is it possible to either find another safe interior to run it off-leash or a place to do this in an exterior on-leash?

Kimberly Buchanan
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