Kathryn Dobyns

    So I did this search before your latest feedback, but the part I am posting here is relevant to your question about what does it take to get Hunter into those niches…

    This is the last 1.5 minutes of a 4 minute search. There are 3 hides: anise between the black aerobic bench risers and shelving on the right upper corner, birch under the broom and clove about 6″ up on the wall between the laundry sink and storage boxes.

    I cut out the first part of the search – when this clip stars he has already found the anise & birch hides and this is the first time he really works the laundry sink area. He is clearly in odor there, but when I don’t move, he does not go into the space he needs to work to source the hide. At about 1:00 he is heading back to recheck the broom and then I start to move toward the storage boxes. Hunter then works the laundry sink, gets in the niche and sources the last hide. I did not need to do much, but he does seem to be more effective at working those tight spaces if I move in a little bit.

    I may have some time tomorrow to set up something more like what you suggested….