Well darn it, the video seems to have a glitch and does not play past (3:30). 🙁

But let’s talk about what is happening.

In watching what I could, Hunter is his usual energetic self, very quick to respond to odor. One *possibility* is that he does not have the skills to work that much odor effectively at one time. If you watch the video of Sarah & Angie, we see something similar but with a bit less speed and more distracted. The other *possibility* is that he just doesn’t know how to work corners and edges.

Your decision to remove hides he’d already gotten and to give him breaks was very good. What is interesting is the deep corners issue that seems to plague him in your basement. Without objects to draw him he tends to cut those corners, which leads me to wonder more about the corners. I’m trying to recall if this has been an issue in other searches?

I have a couple of ideas but wondered if you can concur that the corners seem to be an issue? (You mention deep corners in your initial paragraph.)

Kimberly Buchanan
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