Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, if you have the ability to set up a multiple hide search again, this is what I’d like to try;

Set up a search in a space where you can restrict how far Angie ranges and increase the size of the space. You can use a similar space to what you’re showing in this video, using gates if needed, or a smaller space and begin at the far end. Place 2 hides within about 5-6 feet of each other and start your search within close proximity (5-6 feet). Run this off-leash and use your typical “distance” that makes you comfortable. (Basically as if you are working on-leash.) I’m debating whether to have you pair the hides or not. Any preference?

After this first search, you’re going to increase the size of the search area slightly and add another hide, keeping the first two in place. If Angie is successfully working all 3 hides, add a 4th hide and end the game with that. Let’s see how she works all 4 hides. Video all searches and merge them together in the same video or post separately in the same message.

Kimberly Buchanan
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