Kathryn Dobyns

Oh boy, Kim, I wish you had been here to coach me through the Interior search part. This video is long… Hunter did well with the closed container part – he found all the hides in just over 2 minutes.

In the first Interior, he finds four hides in a little over 2 minutes, and he was close to finding the corner by the dresser at 2:46, but I moved too soon and he left the area. I cut out about a minute of him spinning and bouncing around the basement and when I cut it back in, he is tired – moving much more slowly and with less enthusiasm and at 3:10 he does a stress scratch, but then he does finally get that corner, and a BIG jackpot. That entire search took him about 4-1/2 minutes. I did start re-paying at found hides, since was really working hard and not finding the last hide.

I gave him a short break and moved the hides a little. So this is when I really needed a coach! He found the two middle hides and the threshold fairly quickly, but he seemed to forget that those two corners were part of the search! He did finally find the dresser drawer (accessible) and he worked the corner but never found the hide under the laundry sink. The rest of the search I did not include, since there was a total of about 12 minutes of a tired and stressed pup not finding anything. After 6-1/2 minutes, I took him out of the search area for a break, removed all the found hides and brought him back in to see if he could find the laundry sink hide – he just ran all along the exterior wall and the areas farthest from that corner and even when I moved to that side of the room, he worked that corner briefly without finding it – after 5 minutes of finding nothing, I took him out, moved the hide slightly forward ( it was originally centered under the laundry sink) and paired it. This time he did find the hide in a little less than a minute – and he got another Mega-Jackpot. I clearly made that hide way more difficult than I intended to!