Susanne Howarth

    The most challenging part was getting the video to upload with limited bandwidth… Waited 90 minutes for it to upload and process this morning… and then it told me it hadn’t processed, start over. UGH!

    Anyhow, that’s the video: rain had stopped by the time we got out there, but it was still damp and different! Two vehicles, 10 hides (5 per vehicle), with sirloin mini meatballs paired on each hide. Biscuit did a really good job of moving along. We have used this type of exercise before, and it is definitely helpful. I like in this video seeing her snap back on several occasions to get the hide!

    After this search, we repeated the exercise, using a field stone wall, which was also interesting: lots of places for the odor to channel and pool, and I used ground hides for that one as well.

    Tomorrow — if the weather behaves, we may have the painters cars available for a more interesting vehicle search. Today, with the rain, they weren’t working 🙁