Carolyn Murray

Okay – here is the garage set up. The garage is packed because I am storing about half of my stuff from the barn in there….

* Filmed around 5 pm – 90 degrees outside so at least that in the garage.
* All doors were shut. Minimal air movement except for what we were creating by moving around.
* Odor was RISING big time!
* Seven (7) hides total – the two “elevated” hides were not found within these three minutes, nor was the low hide.

Okay – so my comments on this search…

I wish I had done a better job of telling her to move on and then backing it up with body movement. Instead, several times I tell her to move on yet keep rewarding her at source. I thought she hunted well and kept at it. She definitely worked off the chairs in the middle of the room. It was really, really hard for me to do nothing after I pulled the two hides and watched her communicate due to lingering odor.

There were three hides that she didn’t hit: two in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and one was a bit of a nose stretch on the vacuum cleaner. You can make out one on the garage door, and the other is really low on a cardboard box (you can’t see the box from the camera angle), but she showed a fair amount of interest in that area (and eventually found them well after the three minute mark).

I think it’s pretty clear how much I can control the search by moving around. I always feel like our best hunts are a bit of a dance…