Dave Ellison

Remember this search? Bodie knows there’s odor on that funky truck, probably a lot. I’m thinking “go around” pretty early on but she leaves it to search an unproductive area (according to me, LOL!). When she goes back I lead her around. I’m sure she would have done it eventually! She is often good at recognizing these and going around, but not always. Maybe it’s because that truck was very open underneath?

I’m happy enough with this search, except the part where I take her to check the back of the red car for a 3rd or 4th time, but she seems not very efficient. Is this a problem to work on, or is she just being like a Lab? She seems to search for odor without really thinking she should detail a particular car.

I’m starting to go back to vehicle foundation searches, like lots of paired hides on 1 car and running bunnies. I know it’s good to do, and she loves easy searches with lots of treats, but after 5 1/2 years will that make her more efficient for this sort of search?