Kimberly Buchanan

I would agree with you, Scout is not really searching in part of the video. She’s sniffing the ground for whoever/whatever walked thru that area previously. I’m guessing a LOT of critters! LOL!

The *good news* is that she responds beautifully to odor! Your payment on the first box was fast which was great. The second hide was pretty in how Scout worked out the problem. She may have been multi-tasking with the other scents in the area but once she caught odor, she used the surfaces in the area to find it. Nice!

I know it was a DIW situation so you had limitations about what could be done but it would have been interesting to see how she’d have worked the rest of the area w/o any other odors. She looks a little perturbed with your celebration and the end of the search. 🙂

Good job, Scout!

Kimberly Buchanan
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