Sarah Woodruff

    Ok, I wasn’t going to use this one, because there is a giant block of concrete in the middle of the search. but there was a recent thread about when to lead vs let your dog search on their own. This was a recent elite trial, the search area was in full sun and hot, especially for an older black dog. there were 7 hides, we found 6 and I ran to full time. The search was called the roundabout because it was a square patio with a decorative concrete block and plantings in the middle. Because it was hot, I wanted to cover each section once and not be running in circles. This proved to be an excellent strategy and we were very successful, until the end when I wanted to check the blank section just one more time. We timed out because of that. You can also see Angie several times working the one hide we missed. I did feel like I overhandled a little bit but was necessary to rule out blank areas. So for example what you dont see is three hides we find in the back. I ensured she got into all the corners and covered each side of the concrete patio (inside square and outside square). She also blew off a trashcan that was in the back right corner. I had her go back to it and there she found a hide.