Kimberly Buchanan

Since many of us train in multiple venues, it’s hard not to use the tools WE were trained to use. However, in NW one must consider what the dog will learn from markers and OFTEN they learn things we are not intending.

ALSO – and I think I say this in every course – what happens when it’s a blind search and you do not mark the “find” exactly the same way? I will bet you dollars to donuts your dog will become CONFUSED! They will not understand why they didn’t get the feedback from you and they will not trust that THEY are driving the search and telling YOU when to reward. They may leave the hide. They may not go back. They may show interest in other things. You will think your dog doesn’t know odor. Or your dog has blown you off. Or that you cannot read your dog. Or that your dog “lies.”

All these things can go badly for you, your dog and your teamwork.

Just say “no” to “yes”

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training