Carolyn Murray

Okay – here is our last video!

I was really debating on what to show next. I decided to go with this container search because, initially, I was very impressed with Scout. The more I look at it, the more I’m starting to wonder exactly what Scout was doing? Maybe it doesn’t matter?

The set up:
* A mix of 30 containers including plastic pencil boxes (brand new)
* 2 hides, 1 mild distractor (toy in a box) aged for about an hour
* Very sunny but mild day – not over 70 degrees. Sustained winds of 20 mph and gusts quite a bit higher
* New-to-Scout barn, door was clearly open on the other end
* Cement floor with “built in” distractions
* Fresh bedding in all the stalls

Scout was the dog in white for a fun match I held, so I ran her and tried really hard to pretend it was blind for me. I thought her speed was pretty impressive, but the more I look at this video the more I’m realizing that she’s not really checking much. She tends to be pretty thorough with containers, and with this run she just seems to go where there is odor?? Not that I’m objecting to that.

I noticed as we travel along the back of the search area, she seems to be tracking, but I know she’s not tracking me. She skims over the hot box (pink pencil box) and seems to hit the stall, then go back and hit a cardboard box, then hits the pencil box. So, maybe she’s just air-scenting her way around?? She didn’t seem to have any interest in anything except for finding odor.

And I have no idea why my voice sounds so strange in this video? But I was talking about how Scout was sucking up treats out of my hand like a vacuum cleaner…lol!