Kimberly Buchanan

Ha-ha! We do lose the long dog in the grass for a bit, don’t we?? 🙂

Baxter makes good use of the building surface and corner to help determine the grass hide. AND, note that he does go back to the birch bark hide at about (:45) after finding the second hide. It doesn’t appear he is expecting payment, just verifying the scent picture.

Did you notice Baxter make a change of direction at (:06) toward the pipe hide? He kept going and of course we don’t know if he is headed out to find critters but I think he was working the area. My guess is that he would have come back on his own but you do re-cue and he heads back to figure out the first hide quickly.

Nice change of behavior at the pipe hide and good work on the final hide. 🙂

This was a Fun search with great ground level challenges! One caution about using equipment from other sports or activities; (Agility uprights?) With lingering odor it can be confusing for the dogs. If others also use the equipment they may not understand why their dog shows interest. Of course, this is your equipment at your house but a good opportunity for a reminder about items used by others. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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