Kathryn Dobyns

Yes, that first alert caught me by surprise, and there was a bit too much thinking on my part – would the CO really put a hide on the fire pit? I have learned that if I pull him off a hide but allow him to rework it, he will confirm it pretty readily. It is a delicate balancing act – if I pull him off and keep going he will go with me (I have done that in container searches particularly).

After he found hide #2, I did see the looking at me on the far side of the search area but just wanted to be sure we had covered everything. He has in training been known to blow past a hide and not find it on the first pass, so I am trying to get into the habit of revisiting at least the first third or so of he search area before calling finish. Although in this case, knowing he got the threshold hide right away, that probably wasn’t necessary! The only place I saw odor interest other than the hides was on the woodshed, which he was no longer interested in on the last pass – confirming that interest was blowing from the two found hides – pretty much the same scenario as the vehicle search earlier.

Walking behind the woodshed was never on my radar – that would have been going outside the search area! The things we learn in training do not always translate to searches under trial pressure ?