Kathryn Dobyns

    Hmm, I think this is something I will need to work on, too! My instinct would be to say move a little, just not necessarily in the direction of the next hide. I find that now we are training to cover the search area – rather than just locate 1 or 2 hides – I am tending more toward trying to loosely pattern the search area. Let Hunter pick the initial direction – almost always counterclockwise – and then stick to the perimeter until he catches odor, let him work the problem, then return to the spot we left the perimeter and continue around the search area (this comes from training with Jacy). That means you are encouraging your dog to continue moving through the search pattern but not necessarily directing him toward the next hide. I suppose with off-leash searches, we just need to think in the same sort of moving so that the dog covers the whole search area. I’ll be looking for other comments on this one!