Deb (De) Frost

OK, video number two: simpler and done off-leash (removing me from immediate control, hopefully). In this video, I did purposely allow Baxter to pretty much “do his thing” with as little interference as I seem capable of. He was REALLY eager to get out there and search – this was his first search after coming home from NW Camp. 😉

The three hides had been out about half an hour. It was around 7:00 PM, the temps were in the low 70s, with a light breeze blowing on an angle to the search area (blowing away from the start line, but also sort of right to left as well, probably carrying the odor towards and around the edge of the wood shed).

There is one hide inside one of the white PVC pipes on the ground, one hide under the piece of birch bark (the tan blob on the ground near the furthest pipe) and one hide is off to the left, deep in grass. I expected that Baxter would have to pass beyond the hides in order to pick up odor, and that the direction of the wind would LIKELY have odor pooling either against the wood shed wall or even past it and on around the corner.

I thought Baxter worked the problem pretty well, all things considered. I did re-cue him initially (just concerned that he was going to hare off on a jaunt – I probably didn’t need to do that.) And YES, we definitely need to MOW. This is the lower part of our driveway down near my husbands metal shop, and not a high priority for me. 😉